10 Tips and Tricks to Customize the OneNote 2016 User Interface

Microsoft OneNote 2016 highlights a few settings you can alter to expand the UI and experience. Beneath we share 18 simple approaches to modify OneNote.

Remember that the work area rendition offers you the most alternatives from this rundown (rather than the free versatile or online variant, however a significant number of these customizations apply to those too).

Customize Notes by Changing the Default Font Settings in Microsoft OneNote

Work area variants of Microsoft OneNote enable you to determine default textual style settings for notes. This implies future notes will be made with your refreshed defaults.

Utilizing the text style you like most can go far to streamlining and boosting your OneNote experience, since textual style is increasingly computerized – only one less thing to arrange each time you start catching your thoughts.

Go to File.

Select Options.

The OneNote Options exchange box opens. Make certain the General tab is chosen, and after that search for the Default text style segment.

Pick your Font, Size, and Font shading.

When you’re happy with your determinations, click OK.

Highlight Key Tools in Microsoft OneNote by Customizing Default Display Settings

You can improve whether certain navigational or authoritative devices appear in Microsoft OneNote. This can enable you to catch your thoughts in note structure considerably more viably.

Select File > Options > Display to redo settings, for example, regardless of whether Page Tabs, Navigation Tabs, or the Scroll Bar show up on the left half of the interface webroot account or if new pages have lines or not.

Customize Microsoft OneNote Through Background Header Art and Color Theme

In the work area form of Microsoft OneNote, you can browse around twelve showed foundation subjects for the upper right corner.

You can likewise pick among a few shading subjects for the program.

Select File > Account and after that select the alternatives that intrigue to you.

Begin Faster in Microsoft OneNote by Changing Note Paper Size

Microsoft OneNote notes are made with default measuring yet you can modify this. Your future notes will at that point pursue this default estimating.

This can be an incredible customization in the event that you are utilized to an alternate program that highlighted an alternate note estimate, for instance. Or on the other hand, you can make notes on a work area look a similar way they will on a cell phone, by lessening note width.

Select View > Paper Size to change properties, for example, width and stature.

Set a Custom Default Zoom in Microsoft OneNote Using Fit Page Width to Window

OneNote notes are zoomed more extensive than note width as a matter of course, which means you see additional room around the edges.

In the event that this is a diversion, you might need to utilize a setting called Fit Page Width to Window.

To zoom to fit the page width to your window, select View > Page Width.

Update Your Microsoft OneNote Experience by Changing Language Options

Microsoft OneNote can be utilized in various dialects, however you may need to introduce extra downloads relying upon which dialects you are keen on utilizing.

It bodes well to set the default language you utilize most. To do that:

Select File.

Pick Options.

At that point in the OneNote Options discourse box, select Language.

Alter your language settings, and afterward click OK.

Take Notes More Easily by Customizing the Microsoft OneNote Tool Menu Ribbon

In Microsoft OneNote, you can modify the device menu, otherwise called the strip.

Select File > Options > Customize Ribbon. When you do this, you can move certain menus from the principle bank to your altered bank of instruments.

Choices incorporate appearing or concealing apparatuses or embeddings separator lines between devices, which can make an increasingly sorted out appearance.

In Microsoft OneNote, the Quick Access Toolbar is found in the upper right and highlights picture symbols for connecting with specific devices you utilize a ton. You can alter which apparatuses appear there, which streamlines regular assignments.

Select File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar. At that point move the ideal instruments from the primary bank to your altered bank.

On the other hand, you can likewise tap the descending bolt on the Quick Access toolbar to include and expel catches. Simply select wanted menu things to include them. A checkmark shows up beside the thing and it is shown on your toolbar. Select the thing again to expel the checkmark and expel it from the menu.

Work With Microsoft OneNote Alongside Other Programs Using Dock to Desktop

Microsoft OneNote can be docked to the other side of your work area because of the Dock to Desktop highlight.

This enables the program to be effectively available as you deal with your ventures in different applications. Actually, you can dock a few OneNote windows to your work area.

Select View > Dock to Desktop or New Docked Window.

Perform various tasks Like a Pro in Microsoft OneNote by Leveraging Multiple Windows

You can perform multiple tasks by having more than one window open in certain renditions of Microsoft OneNote, making it simpler to look at or interface notes, for instance.

Select View > New Window. This order will copy the note you are dynamic in, however you can generally change to another note for each new window.

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