Is Linux going away?

Is Linux going away?

CentOS Linux is going to disappear, and CentOS Stream will become the focus of the project. CentOS Linux 8, released in 2019, will receive updates until the end of 2021, which means that CentOS 8’s lifecycle is significantly shorter than what the community expected when it was released.

Linux is removed?

Open source news and releases

According to a blog post on the Red Hat website, CentOS Linux is going to be removed in favor of CentOS Stream. … Updates for the CentOS Linux 8 distribution continue until December 31, 2021. Updates for the CentOS Linux 7 distribution continue as before until June 30, 2024.

What will replace CentOS?

Rocky linux was created to offer the community an alternative following Red Hat’s recent decision to shift its focus from CentOS, the open source version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

What will replace CentOS 8?

Top Possible Alternatives to CentOS 8 Linux

  • Ubuntu / Debian. Of course, whenever we talk about server OS alternatives to replace CentOS, Ubuntu LTS versions will be the first choice. …
  • Oracle Linux. …
  • OpenSUSE. …
  • AlmaLinux – CloudLinux OS. …
  • Rocky Linux.

What will happen to CentOS 7?

CentOS / CentOS flow

If you are using CentOS 7, noI have to move right away. Red Hat will continue to support CentOS 7 and update it for the rest of the RHEL 7 lifecycle. That means, if you are using CentOS 7, you will see support until June 30, 2024.

Which is better Fedora or CentOS?

The advantages of CentOS they are more compared to Fedora, as it has advanced features in terms of security features and frequent patch updates, and long-term support, while Fedora lacks long-term support and frequent versions and updates.

Which is better CentOS or Ubuntu?

If you have a business, a dedicated CentOS server it may be the better choice between the two operating systems because it is (possibly) more secure and stable than Ubuntu, due to the reserved nature and the lower frequency of its updates. Additionally, CentOS also provides cPanel support that Ubuntu lacks.

Will CentOS be discontinued?

CentOS project shifts focus to CentOS Stream and CentOS Linux 8 will end in 2021. From the announcement email:… CentOS Linux 8, as a rebuild of RHEL 8, will end in late 2021. CentOS Stream continues after that date and acts as the upstream (development) branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Should I use CentOS?

CentOS is a great community-Stable, robust and resilient enterprise Linux operating system. You should also try CentOS Stream, which sits between Fedora and RHEL. CentOS Stream will also make contributing to future RHEL releases much simpler and more straightforward.

Which is better Debian or CentOS?

Ubuntu is probably better for Linux beginners because it is easier to set up and use, Debian is It is probably best for experienced users who want full control, and CentOS is probably best for companies who want a more stable and secure Linux distribution.

How long will CentOS 8 be compatible?

In December 2020, Red Hat unexpectedly announced an End-of-Life (EOL) change for CentOS 8. The change, which moved the end-of-life support to December 2021, shortened the expected life cycle of community support by 8 years.


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