How do I get my android messages to show on my home screen?

How do I get my android messages to show on my home screen?

Go to your messaging app, then select the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of your screen. Select settings, then notifications. You should then see an option under “message preview” to check a box to view on the lock screen and / or status bar.

How do I get my text messages to show up on my home screen?

How to Manage Text Message Notification Settings – Samsung Galaxy Note9

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the screen to access the Applications screen. …
  2. Touch Messages.
  3. If you are prompted to change the default SMS application, touch OK, select Messages, and then touch Set as default to confirm.
  4. Press the Menu icon. …
  5. Press Settings.

Why aren’t my text messages showing?

Go to the home screen and then touch the Settings menu. Scroll down and then tap the Applications selection. Then tap the Storage selection. You should see two options at the bottom: Clear data and Clear cache.

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Why doesn’t my phone notify me when I receive text messages on Android?

Make sure notifications are set to Normal. … Go to Settings> Sound & Notifications> App Notifications. Select the app and make sure notifications are turned on and set to Normal. Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off.

Where is the SMS settings on Samsung?

Set up SMS – Samsung Android

  1. Select Messages.
  2. Select the Menu button. Note: The Menu button can be located anywhere else on your screen or device.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select More settings.
  5. Select Text messages.
  6. Select Message Center.
  7. Enter the number of the message center and select Set.

How do I get my messages to show up on my Samsung lock screen?

Lock screen notification settings

From Settings, swipe in and tap Lock screen, and then tap Notifications. From here, you can customize the available settings to your liking: Notification style – Choose between Icons only or Details.

How do I fix my text messages not showing up?

How To Fix Androids Not Receiving Text Messages

  1. Check the blocked numbers. …
  2. Check the reception. …
  3. Turn off airplane mode. …
  4. Restart the phone. …
  5. Unsubscribe iMessage. …
  6. Update Android. …
  7. Update your favorite texting app. …
  8. Clear the cache of the text app.

Why aren’t my messages showing up on my Samsung?

If you continue to have trouble receiving text messages, your phone may simply misbehave, which can often be resolved by rebooting. You can turn your phone off and on again, or perform a soft reset.

When I receive a text message there is no sound?

Check the notification settings for your messaging app. Check that a sound is selected. If everything is fine there, check your do not disturb settings.

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Why doesn’t my Samsung make noise when I receive a text message?

You may have accidentally enabled Silent or vibrate mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone and that is why you are not hearing the notification sounds. To disable those modes, you must enable sound mode. For that, go to Settings> Sounds and vibration. Check the box under Sound.

Why aren’t my notifications showing up on Android?

Cause of notifications not appearing on Android

Do not disturb or airplane mode is on. System or app notifications are disabled. Power or data settings prevent applications from retrieving notification alerts. Outdated applications or operating system software can cause applications to freeze or crash and not send notifications.


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