How do I move the activity bar in Ubuntu?

How do I move the activity bar in Ubuntu?

Click the “Dock” option on the sidebar of the Settings app to see the Dock settings. To change the position of the base from the left side of the screen, click on the “Position on screen” drop-down menu and then select the “Bottom” or “Right” option (there is no “top” option because the top bar always takes that place).

How do I move the menu bar in Ubuntu?

You can move the whole bar, holding down the ALT key and dragging (holding down the left mouse button) the bar to the side you want me to be.

How do I move the taskbar in Linux?

[Solved] Re: How to move the taskbar from bottom to top?

  1. Right click on the empty space on the taskbar.
  2. Select modify panel.
  3. Move the mouse cursor to the desired location, for example the top of the screen,

How do I move the taskbar in Ubuntu 16?

Option two: use Unity Tweak Tool

Launch the Unity Tweak Tool application and click the “Launcher” icon in Unity. Click “Down” to the right of Position under the Appearance heading. You can also set the option back to “Left” from here. The launcher will immediately switch to whichever side of the screen you choose.

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How do I move applications in Ubuntu?

Launch the dconf editor from the application menu, when it opens, navigate to org -> gnome -> shell -> extensions –> board to the dock. There, scroll down, find out, and toggle on the ‘show apps on top’ option.

How do I move the taskbar in Linux Mint?

Re: move taskbar

If it is not locked, just move the mouse cursor to a blank area, hold down the left mouse button, move the panel to the desired location and release the left mouse button.

How do I move my Xubuntu panel to the bottom?

Grab the panel by pressing the left mouse button on the right or left side of the taskbar (a hand cursor should appear) and hold down. Move it where you want and release the button.

How do you move the Mate panel?

For Mate this worked for me: right click on the existing panel and click on “new panel” (it’s near the middle). A new panel will appear (usually at the top). Now right click on the new panel and stop clicking expand. Move it to the secondary monitorand then select expand again.

How can I pin Chrome to the taskbar in Ubuntu?

How to pin Chrome apps to Unity Launcher

  1. Navigate to the website that you would like to pin as an application. …
  2. Click the wrench icon in the upper right and select Tools> Create App Shortcuts …
  3. In the Create Application Shortcuts dialog box, select the desktop and click Create.

How do I enable Dock in Ubuntu?

To change the position of the base, go a Settings-> Appearance. You should see some options in the Dock section. You need to change the “Position on screen” setting here.

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What is the name of the top bar in Ubuntu?

The top bar in Ubuntu (Unity) is called the panel. Menus are sometimes called a global menu bar, but not often. As an aside, menus are actually implemented in applications.

How do I get dashboards in Ubuntu?

Just open the Applications menu and navigate to the desired application menu option. Instead of clicking this menu item with the left mouse button as you normally would, click the right mouse button and select the Add this launcher to panel option.


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