How do I unprotect a USB drive in Windows 7?

How do I unprotect a USB drive in Windows 7?

Find a lock switch on the USB drive or SD card and set it to the off position. Alternatively, use the diskpart command or change the WriteProtect value in Windows Registry Editor to 0. For individual files, go to File Properties and clear the Read-only check box.

How do I remove write protection on a USB drive?

To remove write protection, just open your Start menu and click Run. Type regedit and press Enter. This will open the registry editor. Double click on the WriteProtect key located in the right side pane and set the value to 0.

How do I unlock a USB drive in Windows 7?

How to Unlock a Write-Protected USB Drive, Memory Card, or Hard Drive in Windows 10, 8, or 7

  1. Launch the command prompt as an administrator, type the Diskpart command, and press Enter.
  2. Type list disk and hit Enter.
  3. Find the drive number for your flash drive. …
  4. Type disk clear readonly attributes and hit Enter.

Why can’t I remove the USB write protection?

To remove write protection on USB, pendrive or SD card, on the right-click on the file you want to copy and select Properties. Then you can see three options at the bottom, among them, make sure the Read-only option is unchecked. Finally, click Apply for this change to take effect.

How do I unlock a USB drive?

Method 1: Check the lock switch

So if you find your USB drive locked, you need to check the physical lock switch first. If the lock switch on your USB drive is in the lock position, you must switch it to the unlock position to unlock your USB drive.

How do I enable or disable USB ports in Windows 7?

Enable or disable USB ports through Device administrator

Right-click the “Start” button on the taskbar and select “Device Manager.” Expand USB Drivers. Right-click on all the entries, one after the other, and click “Disable Device.” Click “Yes” when you see a confirmation dialog.

How do I enable the USB ports blocked by the administrator?

Go to Computer Settings -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Removable Storage Access. Select all removable storage classes: Deny all access option. Double click on it. Do it deactivate if it is configured for enable.

How do I enable USB permissions in Windows 7?

How to enable USB write protection using Group Policy

  1. Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command.
  2. Type gpedit. …
  3. Navigate the following route:…
  4. On the right side, double-click the Removable Disks policy: Deny write access.
  5. In the upper left, select the Enabled option to activate the policy.

How do I remove write protection from a USB drive using the command prompt?

Disable write protection using command line (CMD)

  1. Connect your write-protected SD card to your computer.
  2. Right click on Start. …
  3. Type diskpart and hit Enter.
  4. Type list disk and hit Enter. …
  5. Type select disk . …
  6. Type disk clear readonly attributes and hit Enter.
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How do I unprotect a SanDisk flash drive?

4. How do I remove write protection on a USB memory stick? If you are using a SanDisk USB stick that has a lock switch, make sure the lock switch on the left side is slid up (unlock position). Otherwise, you will NOT be able to modify or delete the content of the memory card if it is locked.


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