Quick Answer: How do I set up Windows Live Mail on another computer?

Quick Answer: How do I set up Windows Live Mail on another computer?

How do I transfer Windows Live Mail to another computer?

How to transfer Windows Live Mail to a new computer

  1. Create a new folder on your old computer so Windows Live Mail has a place to export your mail. …
  2. Start Windows Live Mail, click the “File” menu, select “Export Email”, and then click “Email Messages.”

How do I transfer Windows Live Mail from one computer to another Outlook?

Start the Windows Live Mail email client and click File> Export Email> Email Messages. Choose the Microsoft Exchange option and press Next. Then you will see the following export message, press OK to continue. Choose Outlook from the Profile Name drop-down menu and press OK.

What is the difference between Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail?

Windows Mail is the mail client program that is included in and is part of Windows Vista. Windows Live Mail is a program available for free download; is a mail client, a calendar application, a contact manager, a feed aggregator and a news reader, all in one program.

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Is Windows Live Mail still compatible with Windows 10?

Windows Live Mail is designed to run on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, but it is also compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10, even though Microsoft includes a new email client, called Windows Mail, with the latter.

Is Windows Live Mail still supported?

TO: Windows Live Mail is no longer supported by Microsoft and is no longer available for download. If you still have this on your PC, it may work again. But if you need to reinstall it, you may not have much luck finding a copy to download.

Is Windows Live Mail the same as Outlook?

Windows Live Mail is a desktop email program Microsoft introduced to replace Outlook Express. … However, Microsoft is moving all of its own email services (Office 365, Hotmail, Live Mail, MSN Mail, Outlook.com, etc.) to a single code base in Outlook.com.

What is the difference between Windows Live Mail and Outlook?

Windows Live Mail is free. Outlook is part of Office Home and Business and later versions and is therefore not free. Windows Live Mail offers email capabilities and a calendar. Outlook offers these, in addition to Tasks and Notes.

How do I move my folders from Windows Live Mail to Outlook?

Check out these steps.

  1. Open your Windows Live Mail and log into your account.
  2. Click Storage Folders and select the emails you want to migrate.
  3. Click Move to located on the ribbon menu.
  4. Select your preferred folder in your account and select OK.
  5. Select Send / Receive to update the account.

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What is the best replacement for Windows Live Mail?

Top 5 alternatives to Windows Live Mail (free and paid)

  • Microsoft Office Outlook (paid) The first alternative to Windows Live Mail is not a free program, but a paid one. …
  • 2. Mail and calendar (free) …
  • eM Client (free and paid) …
  • Mailbird (free and paid) …
  • Thunderbird (free and open source)

Why isn’t Microsoft email working?

One of the possible reasons why this problem occurs is due to an outdated or corrupted application. This can also be due to a server-related problem. To troubleshoot your mail application, we recommend that you follow these steps: Check if the date and time settings on your device are correct.

How do I restore my Windows Live Mail?

Right click on the Windows Live Mail folder and select Restore previous version. This will open the Windows Live Mail properties window. On the Previous Versions tab, click the Restore button. Windows will scan the system and start the recovery process.


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