What is the notification area in Windows 7?

What is the notification area in Windows 7?

The notification area is a part of the taskbar that provides a temporary source for notifications and status. It can also be used to display icons for system and program functions that are not on the desktop. The notification area was historically known as the system tray or the status area.

Where is the notification tray in Windows 7?

The notification area (also called the “system tray”) is located on the Windows taskbar, usually in the lower right corner. Contains thumbnail icons for easy access to system functions such as antivirus, printer, modem settings, sound volume, battery status, and more.

How do I get rid of the notification area in Windows 7?

Select the “Notification area” tab. To remove the icons from the system, navigate to the system Icons section and uncheck the boxes next to the icons you want to remove. To remove other icons, click “Customize”. Then, click on the icon you want to remove and select “Hide” from the drop-down menu. Click OK. “

What is the function of the buttons in the notification area?

that allows You can configure the display behavior of all the icons in the notification area, enable or disable the system icons (for example, time / date, volume), restore the default icon behaviors, and configure the notification icons to be displayed forever. To use the notification area settings, you must first access it.

How are the notification icons displayed?

The dot style badge and notification preview option were recently added in the Oreo OS. If you want to change the ID card with the number, you can change it in NOTIFICATION SETTINGS on the notification panel or Settings> Notifications> App Icon Badges> Select Show With number.

How do I change the notification sounds in Windows 7?

Change the default system sounds in Windows 7

  1. Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.
  2. Step 2: Click on the link called Sounds at the bottom of the window.
  3. Step 3: Next, select a sound event from the list and then hit the Browse button. …
  4. Step 4: Select the one you want.

How do I customize Windows 7 notifications?

How to customize the notification area of ​​the Windows 7 taskbar

  1. Click the up arrow on the left edge of the icons. …
  2. (Optional) Move any icon down near the clock to make sure it will always be visible. …
  3. Choose Customize.

How do I add something to my hidden icons?

Tips: If you want to add a hidden icon to the notification area, tap or click the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification areaand then drag the icon you want back to the notification area. You can drag as many hidden icons as you like.

What is a notification tray?

The notification panel is one place to quickly access alerts, notifications, and shortcuts. The notification panel is at the top of your mobile device screen. It’s hidden on the screen, but can be accessed by sliding your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom.

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What is the notification area short answer?

In computing, a notification area (also the systray or status area) is the part of the user interface that displays icons for system and program functions that do not have a desktop presence, as well as the time and volume icon.


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