Webroot safe install steps

What is webroot?

Webroot is antivirus sofwtare to protect device from internet threats. This is most popular antivirus software in United States and recognized among top 3 antivirus softwares.

How to activate Webroot safe install?

To activate ,webroot safe install, follow below steps :

  • User needs to visit official website webroot.com/safe
  • Enter key code.
  • Click on install button

You webroot software is not installed and activated on your device.

How to Use webroot safe install?

Webroot Safe is very easy to Use.

  • After complete installation, your subscription is activated
  • Click on Scan butotn
  • Follow instructions to make settings
  • After complete scanning, you will be promted with detected threats on your device
  • Take action such as clean to remove threats from your device
  • Put Webroot on auto scanning mode to get advance protection

Webroot Safe support

If you need any kind of webroot safe install support, you can check online webroot community or call for support.